Technicity Times
    Issue 4 • November 2003

Announcing the 2003-2004 "Connections for Tomorrow" (C4T) California Grants Program

Application deadline: December 17, 2003

by Anne Neville

The 2003-2004 C4T California Grants Program will provide grants consisting of a cash award, technical assistance, and substantial in-kind support to start-up, expand, and improve community technology programs at organizations that serve at-risk youth or homeless populations. The services provided through the California Grants Program will facilitate each program's ability to better provide community technology-based services. Small and medium-sized community and faith-based organizations are eligible and encouraged to apply for this opportunity.

A community technology center or program is a community service, social action, and/or educational facility utilizing computers,the Internet and other information technology tools to provide a range of vital services, including health and social services, basic education, lifelong learning, workforce training, cultural enrichment, community media production, and computer recycling.

For more information please refer to:

Two Grant Opportunities Are Available In California:

· Program Development Grants: Enhancing technology skills of homeless individuals and families by supporting the start-up or expansion of community technology programs within homeless serving organizations. (15 grants with a value of up to $23,000)

· Capacity Building Grants: Supporting the capacity building of existing community technology programs serving at-risk youth and/or homeless individuals. (25 grants with a value of up to

More information about both grant opportunities can be found at:

Grantseekers workshops will be held throughout California November 17-21. Please check the website for dates, times, locations, and to RSVP.

Connections For Tomorrow (C4T) is a collaboration of organizational partners funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The partners include:

·Alliance for Technology Access (ATA)

·Association of Christian Community Computer Centers (AC4)

·Community Technology Centers' Network (CTCNet)

·Illinois Community Technology Consortium

Please Note: Hard copies and alternative formats of the C4T Grant Applications are available on request. Please visit for contact information.


Anne Neville is California Project Coordinator for Community Technology Centers' Network (CTCNet). She can be reached at



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