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    Issue 3 - June 2003
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California Communities Get Their Policy On: Sacramento Day, 2003

Community Technology Sacramento Day Brings Over 100 to Capital

By Maricela Carlos

Community Technology advocates Kenneth Wyrick, James Lau,
George Gundrey, Sharon A. Chabran, Vivian C. Tanamachi, Anne Davis, Linda Fowells, Wendy Lazarus, Maricela Carlos, and Richard Chabran bring the message to Sacramento.

On March 25, 2003, over 100 energetic individuals clad in bright yellow shirts descended on the California state capital as participants in Community Technology Sacramento Day. These yellow-shirted activists were community technology leaders and supporters of all ages, who came from all over the state to take part in the exciting policy making process.


 The Other side of the Divide
Community Technology For the Global Community

By Barry C. Tavlin

How often do you open your e-mail inbox and groan at the onslaught of messages demanding your attention? What if I told you that your ever-growing inbox is evidence of a significant shift that is taking place in the world, and that you are a part of it? And what if I told you that this shift is a critical reason why we must bridge the digital divide and must strengthen community technology?


  12th Annual Conference Promises to be Biggest Yet
CTCNet Conference June 27-29 in Washington, DC

By Stephen Quinn and John Zoltner

This June 27-29th in Washington, DC, Community Technology Centers' Network (CTCNet) will welcome over 700 professionals from the community technology field to its 12th Annual Conference, Creating Our Future: Shaping the Agenda of Community Technology. Conference attendees will include representatives from a diverse range of CTCs as well as the nonprofit, government and corporate sectors, including community technology leaders and practitioners, policymakers, educators, funders and activists.


 A Valuable Resource for Nonprofits
Tech Soup Arrives in LA

By Sarah Hawkins, long established in the SF Bay area as a valuable resource for nonprofits, has now established a presence in Los Angeles. Partnering with the Center for Nonprofit Management (CNM), TechSoup: Los Angeles aims to provide the estimated 30,000 nonprofits in the Los Angeles area with the tech know-how they need to more efficiently and effectively achieve their missions.


 Innovative Program at TecsChange
Inspiring Activism While Teaching Skills

YouthTech: A technology and media empowerment program at TecsChange

TecsChange - Over Ten Years of "Technology for Social Change"


By Aram Falsafi and Betsy Rueda Gynn

Imagine a summer or after-school program for high school students where participants learn technical skills and realize that they have the power to change society at the same time. Where they learn to view commercial media with a critical eye and develop the skills to produce their own media using new media technology. Where they become active producers versus passive consumers of the media they are exposed to on a daily basis.


 Get Involved!
Cable Franchise Renewal Offers Opportunities for Community Technology Programs

By James Lau

In Los Angeles, community technology practitioners and supporters have an opportunity to secure resources for community technology programs. This opportunity presents itself as all four cable operators-Adelphia, AOL Time Warner, Comcast, and Charter-renew their cable franchise agreements with the city.


 Smart Cards
The Community College Foundation Goes National with ePassport

By Terri Kletzman

The Community College Foundation has created ePassport, a Smart Card internet-based health and education data tracking system, to provide a simplified means for youth in foster care to access and update their records any time and any place.


 Important Discounts on Telecommunications
California Teleconnect Fund Expansion Offers New Opportunities for Community-Based Organizations

By Linda Fowells and John MacDonald

A recent ruling by the California Public Utilities Commission (PUC) expanding the California Teleconnect Fund (CTF), that provides a 50 percent discount on telecommunications services, will create new opportunities for community-based organizations to offer affordable access to technology, training and other resources to individuals in low income communities, according to the California Community Technology Policy Group (CCTPG) a coalition of community technology advocates.


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Cable Franchise Renewal and Its Opportunities

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