Technicity Times
    Issue 2 - February 2003
 A Great Day for the San Fernando Valley
Grand Opening of Pacoima Community Technology Center

"We're wall to wall people at the moment"

By Stan Saunders

Grand Opening of Pacomia Community Technology Center

A stone dropped in the water creates ripples that have effects far from the source.

That was the theme of the grand opening of the Pacoima Community Technology Center in Los Angeles, CA on Thursday, January 16. Los Angeles City Council President Alex Padilla, a driving force for the project, noted the importance of a technology center in an impoverished region. "It gives adults and parents the skills they need to apply for good jobs, while children will be armed with the knowledge they need to excel in school and attend college. It's a great day for Pacoima, a great day for the San Fernando Valley.


 The Other side of the Divide
The Digital Divide's Detractors

By Barry C. Tavlin

When I started working on this article, I was hearing a lot of discussion about the Digital Divide and how to best tackle it. But these days, I don't hear much about it. Why is that? It's certainly not because the Digital Divide is solved, or that we have achieved equitable access to digital technology. Then why?

One reason is that the federal government has been directing everyone's attention elsewhere - to the War on Terrorism and the impending attack on Iraq.


 Long Beach Youth Corral Apple Execs
By Les G. Peters

Students from the Long Beach CORAL Youth Institute recently attended an "executive briefing" with Apple Computers. While there, they had the opportunity to tell executives how they could better design the computer company's iBook for elementary schools.


 Advocacy Day, 2003
Community Technology Leaders Set to Invade the State Capitol

Advocacy Day 2002 Photos. See some of the highlights from last year.

by James Lau

Community Technology Advocacy Day is an event when community technology supporters convene in Sacramento to introduce their programs to policy makers and advocate on issues important to them. This opportunity to meet policy makers, influence public policies, and unite with others from across the state has been scheduled for March 25, 2003.


 Computer Clubhouse Celebrates
Happy Birthday to Y.O.U.

Highlights of the First
Year at Y.O.U
By Marc Atwood

On a warm January day in south Los Angeles the rays of sunlight, penetrating the blue southern California sky, shone with an intensity that could only be matched by the creativity and imagination of our youth. On Saturday, January 11, the YOU Computer Clubhouse located in south central LA celebrated its one year anniversary.


 Funding Community Technology
Success Stories, Action Ideas, and Resources

By James Lau

Sustainable funding, that supports Community Technology programs and ensures they continue to operate, is a continuing challenge. Today, there are additional external factors that make sustainability more difficult: the current fiscal climate has reduced charitable giving by foundations and state and local governments; and the federal government's priorities have led to the elimination of two CTC (Community Technology Center) grant programs.

A promising source of sustainable funding can be created at the state and local level through public policies- the laws that are passed by the legislature or the regulations that are formulated by the executive branch.


 Free Educational Software
By Phil Shapiro

Freeware educational software delivered with recycled computers can assist recipients to get many hours of use from their computer before they feel the need to purchase software of their own.


 Election 2002
A voice, not just a vote

Community Technology Advocates make an Impact

By James Lau

National, state, and local elections offer a valuable opportunity to raise the public's and policy makers' awareness about pressing social issues. In California's November election, community technology advocates made an impact through activities that involved polling candidates on where they stand on community technology issues and implementing an e-government demonstration project.


 Technicity Teens
Thanks to Davis Park for collecting a list of web sites created and run by teens or CTC participants. And thanks to Kenneth Wyrick for publishing the list to the web. To check out the sites, go here.
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 Education and Community Tech. Grants
Beaumont Foundation will award $12,500,000

By David Guilhufe

The Beaumont Foundation of America (BFA) is a not-for-profit philanthropic organization that grants technology equipment to support digital inclusion for underserved individuals. BFA will award $12.5m in equipment grants to California schools and community-based organizations this year.


 Grant Opportunity
"Connections for Tomorrow" Capacity Building Award.

Connections For Tomorrow (C4T) - a collaboration of organizational partners funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services - is announcing a pilot award program for the provision of technical assistance services in California, Illinois, and Massachusetts. The purpose of the Capacity Building Assistance Program is to assist faith-based and community-based organizations initiate, improve and/or expand their technology-based social
services programs.

Applications for awards will be accepted from now until February 28, 2003. Potential applicants are encouraged to submit your applications early. For more information about the C4T Capacity Building Assistance Program, as well as the application, visit the C4T website at

Dear Editor -

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Here's a short piece for the next issue. Hope this helps.

- Phil Shapiro
Arlington, Virginia

(Phil's article, Free Educational Software, has been published in this issue. Thanks, Phil! -Ed.)

 Editor's Note
Good Luck, Leslie; Welcome Andrea

With this issue, Technicity Times sends our thanks and best wishes to our founding co-editor, Leslie Goodbar. After playing a pivotal role launching this newsletter, Leslie has moved on to other projects.



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Community Technology Advocates make an Impact

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Grant Opportunity

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  Phil Shapiro
is a longtime supporter of community technology centers.In June, 2002, he was given an award for his service from Community Technology Centers' Network. To view the award, click here.

  Remembering Antonia Stone
  Community Technology pioneer, Antonia "Toni" Stone, founder of Playing to Win and CTCNet, died Thursday evening, November 21, 2002, from complications of myelodysplasia, a form of leukemia.

The community technology movement has lost of one its major founders and leaders. Those of us who had the opportunity of knowing and working with Toni over the last several decades will miss her vitality, vision, energy, commitment, and good humor.

A brief biography, as well as comments from CTCNet members who knew and worked with Toni can be found here.